Monday, August 15, 2016

From Baby Shower... to Baby Room

This past June, with the help of my sister’s two friends, we put together a hot air balloon themed baby shower for my sister’s first child! It took a lot of planning and coordination, but it came together beautifully and the event was a success! Now, two months later, the baby girl is finally here and some of the decorations have made their way into the baby room. I wanted to share some of the cute decorations, planning, and prep that went behind it. I have included all the links for the blogs I referenced and material I bought so if you want to recreate any of the below, it’ll be really easy! (or at least easier) :D

The Ask:

My sister wanted a co-ed baby shower for family and friends of different circles (possibly including kids), and she wanted it to be casual, low-key, not too pink, and with no cheesy games.

Phew! We can do this.

We decided on a hot air balloon/adventure theme, divvied up the food and decoration tasks amongst the three of us planning the party, and delegated the game planning to my sister’s husband.