Saturday, October 19, 2019

DIY: Energizer Bunny Costume

What’s a good excuse to munch on some Pringles? And not just one can, but two cans... a Halloween costume! I thoroughly enjoyed eating my Pizza and Extra Hot Chili & Lime Pringles. Last year, I needed a costume for the electronic music festival, Escape Psycho Circus, and thought the Energizer Bunny was such a fun idea! It also happened to be in October, so it was perfect for the festival and Halloween – double win! 

Read on for my step-by-step tutorial of how to make this exact costume! First step... Materials! 


Battery “Backpack” 
  • 2 Pringles cans
  • Silver duck tape
  • 2 drinks caps (I used 2 Kombucha caps)
  • Thick pink ribbon (for battery backpack straps)
  • Drill (to make holes into the Pringles cans)
  • 2 cut-outs of “Energizer” logo (for the batteries)
  • Felt letters (preferably white)
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Cookie tin (got mine from Rite Aid)
  • Blue fabric (I used a large blue t-shirt)
  • White spray paint
  • Thin red duck tape (0.75 inch thickness)
  • Blue duck tape (one that matches the blue fabric) 
  • 2 cut-outs of plain "Energizer" logo (for the faces of the drum)
  • 2 wooden dowels
  • 2 foams balls
  • White spray paint (same one used for the drum)
  • Red paint
  • Small paint brush
  • Glue
  • Masking tape 


Making the Battery “Backpack” 
  1. Using a ruler, measure down from the top of the Pringles can 2.5”. This is where the black part of the battery ends. Do this on both cans.
  2. Use the silver duck tape and wrap it around the bottom part of the two Pringles cans up to the line you marked 
  3. Use the black duck tape and wrap it around the top of the two Pringles cans 
  4. Using a drill, drill a hole 3 inches from the bottom and 6 inches from the bottom of each Pringles can. This will be for the "backpack" straps to thread into. 
  5. Cut two pieces of thick pink ribbon to be the “backpack” straps. Thread one through the top hole and then out the bottom hole of the Pringles can. Knot the ends together. Do this on both cans. It'll look like this when completed.
  6. Glue the Kombucha bottle lid onto the plastic Pringles can lids.
  7. Place the lids on the Pringles cans and duck tape them silver.
  8. With the two ribbon straps facing outwards (one to the left side, one to the right side), use the hot glue gun to glue the two Pringles cans together. You may need to supplement the bond with some extra strips of duck tape.
  9. Print and cut out two Energizer battery logos. While you’re on the computer, also print out a plain Energizer logo for the drum.
  10. If your felt letters aren’t white (mine were pink), spray paint 4 “A”s and 1 “L” white. The L will be use to make the “+” symbols. You may need to spray multiple coats to make them really look white.
  11. Glue the Energizer logo onto each of the Pringles cans. 
  12. Glue the “+AA” onto the top part of each Pringles can.

Making the Drum Sticks 
  1. Spray paint 2 wooden dowels with the white paint. You may want to also use this time to spray paint the cookie tin white (step 1 of the "Making the Drum" instructions below). Spray additional coats once dry until it is the desired “whiteness”.
  2. Once the drum sticks are dry, use the drill to make a hole into the center of two foam balls. Hot glue the drum sticks into them.
  3. Tape the wooden dowel right under the ball with masking tape so you don’t get any paint on the sticks.
  4. Position the sticks in a way where you can paint the foam balls but still let them dry. I used a vise clamp to hold them upright. If you don’t have a vise clamp, you could paint one side at a time, wait for them to dry, and paint the other side. Paint the foam balls red. Wait for them to dry before applying additional coats.
  5. Remove the masking tape, once the paint has dried. 
 Making the Drum
  1. Spray paint the entire cookie tin white. I had to do multiple coats to make sure the design underneath was fully covered.

  2. Once the tin has dried, lay it down on your blue fabric to trace out a circle. Cut out the center of the circle so that it’s about 1 inch thick. You’ll need 2 of these hollow circles.
  3. Glue the hollow fabric circles to both sides of the face of the drum. 
  4. Use the red duck tape to make zig zags along the outer edge of the drum.
  5. Glue the plain Energizer logo you printed earlier and glue it to both faces of the drum.
  6. Now, we're going to cover the outer edges of the drum where the blue circle meets the red duck tape. Trim the width of the blue duck tape so that it fits the outer edges of the drum.
  7. Tape the outer edge of the drum. I'm wearing a sexy glove in this photo because I was fixing the edges of the blue fabric with super glue and didn't want to get my hand all gluey.

  8. To make the neck strap, fold the blue duck tape into itself. The photo will make more sense.
  9. Lay the neck strap on top of both edges of the drum and secure them temporarily with masking tape. Try it on to see if you like where the drum height is.

  10. Trim off the excess neck strap tape and use blue duck tape to tape down the top side and bottom sides of the neck strap to the drum. Do this on both sides of the neck strap.
  11. Admire your hard work.

To put the whole outfit together, use a safety pin to pin the white loofah to the butt part of your pink leggings. Be careful not to place it in a spot that might stab you! I pinned the loofah strap to the back top part of my pants, and my shirt covered it so it was fine! Pair the pink leggings with your pink top, put on the drum, wear your ears and sunglasses, and hold a drumstick in each hand. Ta da! You’re the energizer bunny!

 Have fun!