Sunday, August 26, 2012

DIY: Sew a Garter

My sister tasked me to make her a garter for her wedding, and thankfully with the help of a tutorial on weddingbee, it was pretty easy to make my own version. You basically only need to know how to sew in a straight line on a sewing machine and you're set! 

- sewing pins
- ribbon (mine matched my sister's wedding color, royal blue)
- sheer ribbon (wider than your colored ribbon)
- lace (my roll was 3 ft)
- colored thread that matches your ribbon
- neutral-colored thread
- elastic
- 2 safety pins 

Measuring your materials:
I used the whole roll of lace (3 ft) and cut the same length for the blue and sheer ribbon.
For the elastic, I wrapped it around my thigh, and subtracted 2 inches (about 18 inches) so it would be tighter and stay on the leg better.

Pin the blue ribbon to the middle of the sheer ribbon and sew along the right and left edges using the blue thread. 
Remember to remove the pins as you sew along the edges; you don't want to sew over them and accidentally break a needle! 


Switch your thread and bobbin thread to the neutral colored (beige) thread. Pin the ribbon you just sewed to the top of the lace. Sew along the left and right sides of the sheer ribbon removing the pins as you go along. Make sure that you don't sew too close to the center because you'll need to thread the elastic through between the ribbon and lace layers.


Attach a safety pin to one end of the elastic. This will help you push the elastic through to the other end. Once the tail end of the elastic has reached the opening you started with, use the other safety pin to hold the elastic in place as you finish threading the elastic through. 

Sew each of the ends to hold the elastic in place. Then, sew the two ends together. This can be done via sewing machine or hand sewn together. 

Use the blue or sheer ribbon to tie a bow and hand sew it to the center of the garter. I preferred the blue bow, but it's up to you! 

You're done! Admire the pretty ruffles :)

My sister wearing the garter on her wedding day! 

Of course, my sister's new hubby wearing the garter on his head. Looks like a colonial hat... haha

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